Sleepjacket - Demo 2016

by Sleepjacket

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This is our debut of sorts. We've spent a lot of time on these songs and hope that you guys enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed making them!


released April 5, 2016

First and foremost, we'd like to thank Matt Frey of Vagabond Recordings for all the help and patience in tracking these demos. Among many others, we should acknowledge Hannah Delp, Jaime Longo and Mariah Rose for their creative input and support. A special thanks to Tim Pishitelli, who is responsible for all the bass grooves you hear on this demo.
Kate Toth can be credited with the album art, with modifications by Matthew Jenkins. All forms of energy drinks, PBR, and Rolling Rock as well as Chex Mix and Little Caesar's also played their part in this. Our Mom's, especially Deb McEntire and Deidre Jones for providing practice spaces, as well as large amounts of tolerance and hospitality.
A shout out to The Dude Locker too, because that place is rad and Todd is the man.
Finally, we deeply appreciate every supporting band that we've had the privilege of sharing a stage with so far; Heroes Like Villains and We Are The Movies especially. You inspire us as much as anything else to keep at it and do our best to help make the Columbus music scene a more diverse one.



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Sleepjacket Delaware, Ohio

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Track Name: Diablesa
She left a rose and am empty bottle of tequila on the table beside my bed
In lipstick cursive on the mirror in the bathroom she said, "Thanks again for the one-night-stand"
Her perfume stains the air with the scent of jasmine and the shame of a night that I'll never forget

Run for cover
She's lost her luster
It's hard to keep this halo straigh with the devil in my bed
Her poison kisses scribbled "treason" across my lips
Self-loathing heresy, I'm sleeping with the enemy

I left Cancun in dismay
And I never caught her name
Sangria kisses, satin sheets
She made her great escape 
She didn't bruise her knees from praying
And her dark eyes, well, they lie
It's as if she crawled straight back to hell and right out of my life
Wander through my nightmares, torment my days 
Maybe I'm superstitious, pray you my soul to take
Track Name: Bones

There's a ghost above my headboard
He's made himself at home
And he never lets me sleep
He spells his name "regret"
And he hangs on every sin
And he laughs at my nightmares

I've got these bones strewn across my room
They've been hanging in my closet
I tried to dig them all a home our back underneath the garden
But as hard as I try I never can dig fast enough

Should I call an exoecist or go see my shrink? 
The ghost is singing to me
Let's leave the past where it belongs
At the work end of a gun
That digs its way to a shallow grave where I can finally get some sleep
Track Name: Maelstrom

Take a look at yourself
Draw a breath before your lungs collapse
Dying to stay afloat
As the waves crash o'er your head
To drag you down below
We could've navigated by the stars 
With the marks across your arms
As the needle of your compass seems to leave a nasty scar
And in your own reflection you could see
The ghost with sunken features where my best friend used to be

Castaway, like driftwood to the tide
I can't swim you back to shore

You can tie your own noose
Held fast to an anchor of your self-abuse
You can't drag me down with you
You can plot your own course
Abbandoned all hope like a widow at port
You've burned all the maps and sailed into the storm

Take a look at yourself
The haggard sailor washed ashore
The dull and listless eyes
Languished from the years at sea
Consumed by his own vice
Lured away by siren songs, your wanderlust betrayed
And dashed your ships upon the rocks now left in disarray

Float away, like feathers in the breeze
I can't mend your tattered sails
Track Name: Beastmode
Beast Mode:

A heart left despondent front the beginning
Tell me a story of two souls in one room
One open, one insecure
A thing like progress is better labelled an uphill battle where we find ourselves now

Strike another notch in a row
Mark me a casualty
Of your wartorn thoroughfare, dear destroyer
I'm not like the rest
Keep this close to your vest
Next time you strike I'm prepared
Replace me if you can

A merry undertaking for an undertaker such as you
To never have a chance and expect nothing less
Unstable ground you walk upon, solely of your own design
Nothing here but a washed out shoreline and failed attempts to drag me out to sea

So quick to dismiss the charges brough before the bench
You play this ruse like a song, and I'm hanging on the fence
Track Name: Fun and Games
Fun and Games:

Tonight I, can't say I'm surprised
I'm cashing in all my bad luck to shy away from prying eyes
So let's turn the page on this chapter of my life
As the cracks fall into place
What a mess I made...

Time to trade it all in for another chance to shatter dreams and sweep them under the rug

There's no way back from here
Taking secrets to the grave seems to make perception so much clearer
And with a heavy heart stitched into my sleeve
I'll tie my hope to black balloons and drift wherever they carry me

Tonight I, much to your surprise
I'm not helplessly hurting
I'm breathless in bed
It's not so much expected
More often neglected
How easy it is to waltz in and steal a breath

So cut me a break
I'm not ready to change but I can't do this alone

As these four walls close in on me
The tension mounts and I can't breathe
I'm low on fuel in more ways than one
As I fight back tears and I bite my tongue